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Charlie's Toolbox Safety Series

Morecraft Toolbox Safety SeriesYou've heard Charlie's heart-wrenching story of how complacency to safety contributed to his near fatal accident.

Now you can bring his message of "taking responsibility for yourself" to all of your employees in these short videos covering specific OSHA topics:

- Back Safety - Confined Space - Electrical Safety
- First Aid - Driving Safety - Hearing Conservation
- Hand Safety - Fire Prevention - Job Safety (JSA)
- HAZCOM - Forklift Safety - Respiratory Protection
- Housekeeping - Lockout/Tagout - Slips, Trips & Falls
- Proper PPE - Rigging Safety - Working at Heights
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Charlie Morecraft Toolbox Safety Series
Charlie's new Toolbox Series consists of several short, compelling programs focusing on the high-risk topics that OSHA and other regulatory training curriculums have deemed most important.